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NFL Rumors/Stories

NFL rumors and stories floating around now:

DAUNTE CULPEPPER: It looks like Daunte Culpepper is burning his bridges in Minnesota. According to Kevin Seifert of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, at the last meeting between Culpepper and the team, the following took place:

Culpepper, who fired agent Mason Ashe last month, represented himself during a gathering that also included owner Zygi Wilf, other members of his ownership group, coach Brad Childress and Vice President of Football Operations Rob Brzezinski. Culpepper, according to two people with knowledge of the situation, asked that approximately $10 million be added to his contract this season -- increasing his total 2006 compensation to a staggering $18 million.

Wilf angrily turned down Culpepper's request, and it is believed that no substantive communication has taken place since.

According to profootballtalk.com yesterday:

Per a league source, the Vikings are contacting all of the teams perceived to be in the market for a quarterback in order to gauge interest for a trade. The initial asking price, per the source, is a second-round draft pick.

TERRELL OWENS: With Terrell Owens soon to be released from the Eagles, where will he end up? The Broncos seem to be the front-runner for now. But will the Dolphins jump into the fray? According to the Miami Herald:

[Zach] Thomas said he would not mind having wide receiver Terrell Owens as a teammate if the Dolphins were to trade for him. ''He's a lot nicer guy than most people know,'' Thomas said. ``All that TV stuff is just for show.''

Take a wild guess who Zach Thomas' agent is? If you said Drew Rosenhaus, you are every bit as smart as you are cynical.

In more scary news for Dolphin fans, according to the Palm Beach Post:

[When asked about Terrell Owens,]... Dolphins coach Nick Saban told reporters Wednesday that he isn't ready to talk about any possible free-agent acquisitions.

Translation: "We're thinking about it."

KERRY COLLINS: For you Raider fans who were hoping they might be in the market for Daunte Culpepper, it is time to come down to Earth. From insidebayarea.com:

Not even the most ardent Art Shell supporters could have been too enthused about the returning coach's answer regarding Collins upon his hiring.

"All I can say is Kerry Collins has been an outstanding quarterback," Shell said at his introductory press conference last Saturday. "Matter of fact I just spoke to Kerry before I came down here. He is excited about moving forward next year. He is an exciting quarterback. I think he has a chance to be great for us. But those issues will be addressed down the road."

If Shell's already getting on the phone with the guy and talking him up, this sure sounds like a coach counting on Collins to be his QB in 2006. In fact, quite frankly, the Raiders have done nothing to suggest they aren't still completely in love with Collins, as revolting a thought as that might be to 97.9 percent of the fans out there.

Move along folks. Show is over. Nothing to see here.

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Comments (3)

Since the Packers are in a ... (Below threshold)

Since the Packers are in a contract dispute with Javon Walker, i believe that the eagles should lobby for him because of his playmaking ability. The problem here is his contract "problems" which reminds us all of that oh so special disgruntled receiver we just released. If Philly picks up Walker, he should be put him in as the number one receiver and reggie brown should be number two with todd pinkston and greg lewis to compete for #3. If that doesn't work out, there always is former Buffalo WR Eric Moulds.

Phily can have Walker. He ... (Below threshold)

Phily can have Walker. He won't produce. Just like Antonio Freeman when he wanted a bigger contract. He should've just waited alittle longer without talking, and he would have been paid. What has he done different than last year. He finally came to camp, and got injured. Now he's complaining again. Another Mike McKenzie!

MILFPOOP!!!!... (Below threshold)



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