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Looking For Some Hockey Bloggers

Growing up within a short drive of the old Spectrum and in the era of the Broad Street Bullies, I have been a hockey fan for over 30 years. I am eagerly anticipating the puck dropping on the new NHL season in just under two weeks.

Over the summer Chad Evans and I discussed creating a blog for hockey fans. The results of that discussion is The Crease. To give you an idea of our thinking, here is a quote from our About the Experts page:

What experts? We're just like you; fans of the game of hockey with deeply held convictions about our favorite teams, players and the direction of the NHL.

What separates us from the beat writer of your local team is that we aren't paid per column inch or pushed to share controversial opinions. Heck, we aren't paid at all.

We are looking for some fans who would be interested in blogging about "their" team. We're not looking for professional writers, and if you are only in it for the money you are going to be severely disappointed -- there isn't any. But, if you love hockey and would be interested in sharing your views and opinions we would love to hear from you. Send a note to lakelandjim at gmail dot com and we'll get back to you.

You can see a list of the teams and the writers at our Behind the Glass page.

Go Flyers!

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