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Will Bill Parcells be the Miami Dolphis savior?

It's official. Parcells has signed a four-year contract to be Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Parcells will have ultimate control over football-related decisions and will report only to owner H. Wayne Huizenga.

What does mean for Coach Cam Cameron and GM Randy Mueller is yet to be determined. I think Parcells doesn't want to be a head coach anymore, however that doesn't mean he'll retain Cameron as head coach.

Earlier today at another blog I wrote-

The state of disarray in Miami is so immense, I don't think any one person can change it. The team has too many needs at present.(RB if Brown doesn't come back, a rotten Defensive backfield, no depth at WR, no decent TE, an aging defensive line, an aging linebacker corps, an inconsistent offensive line. Not to mention QB, Lemon is a free agent at year's end and its still unknown if Beck is going to be NFL quality. Is there any position Miami don't need at? Oh punter and place kicker)

Dan Le Batard at the Miami Herald also has doubts.

But Bill Parcells represents hope and star power and possible change, so he will be welcomed here with the same kind of fervent hero worship that usually results whenever starving followers are given a new leader. Never mind that what Parcells does best is coach and, um, he isn't being hired to do that. The cheering and excitement around this kind of popular hire can make people swoon and forget that you've just hired Beyoncé as your entertainment but asked her to juggle.


Here's what Parcells is: A champion. The guy for whom that clichéd sports celebration -- the Gatorade bath -- was invented. A bejeweled leader of men who hasn't won a single playoff game in nearly a decade and hasn't won a championship since Lawrence Taylor carried him nearly two decades ago.

And here's what Parcells isn't: 1-13.

So he's an upgrade because, well, it can't really get much worse -- mathematically or historically. But we've been down this path before, unsuccessfully. You'd think the Dolphins would have learned their lesson in going after the biggest, most popular name available. It didn't work with Jimmy Johnson or Nick Saban or even, for his three blissful weeks as vice president, with Dan Marino. But here Miami is again, producing yet more upheaval by giving a mountain of power and money for a weary Parcells to do a job at which he might not be exceptional.

Parcells didn't pick the players who made him a champion in New York. George Young did that. Parcells left the Patriots who took him to a Super Bowl because Bob Kraft, who is pretty good at his job, overruled Parcells and made him share personnel powers with someone else after Parcells wanted to take Tony Brackens instead of Terry Glenn. Parcells had one great draft in New York with the Jets, but he had four first-round picks that year, which would be pretty hard for even Dave Wannstache and Rick Spielman to screw up. And in Dallas, Parcells didn't even want his best player (Terrell Owens, who was foisted upon him by owner Jerry Jones) and waited too long to play Tony Romo. So there are valid reasons to question this if you aren't blinded by all the flashbulbs.

I hope Parcells can turn Miami around but right now color me skeptical.

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